About the campaign Life is better in PINK Zwei Freundinnen posieren mit einem Topf Pink Kisses Mininelken und dem Friendstick - einem Stecker mit pinkfarbenem Kussmund darauf - und machen Kussmünder. PINK KISSES as beautiful as our friendship
Junge Frau freut sich über ihren Pink Kisses Gewinn

Say it with Pink Kisses®

The irresistible Pink Kisses® mini-carnations make the perfect gift for loving thoughtfulness between friends. Show your friend how much you care with Pink Kisses®!
Two friends pose in front of an instant camera holding the Pink Kisses Friendsticks with the pink pout logo attached to a wooden stick.
Teaser with link to DIY section of the website
A young female is sitting at the breakfast table with her friends, smiling at the young female opposite her, of whom only part of the back of the head can be seen. She holds a coffee cup, in front of her is a plate with a chocolate croissant, and in the background can be seen out-of-focus Pink Kisses mini-carnations in a pot on the windowsill.
Two friends with Pink Kisses flowers in their hair lying on the floor smiling at each other Description: Pink Kisses® are the perfect gift for your best friend
Two young women lie on their fronts in the living room and smile at each other, wearing the same friendship bracelets
This video shows how happy your friend will be to get Pink Kisses. Click to play the video in YouTube.
A smiling young female holds up Pink Kisses mini-carnations in a cachepot with small pink pouts. The Friendstick in the pot has "For you" on the back. A line of dashes underneath is for you to sign.